Driven by a spirit of experience and curiosity, the Guemas Group flourished in the years 2000 by developing and providing products and services to professional companies and collective health insurance.

In 2017, the company evolved strategically with the launch of Guemas International, a brokerage Company in Paris, fully dedicated to large and multinational corporations. This new step is strengthened by the creation of a worldwide network of independent brokers allowing us to serve our clients in over 150 countries.

The brokerage world is driven by a constant fight for the size and valorization of big companies, always at the client’s expense. Guemas group has chosen to pursue its own path, firmly confident in its values, strengths, independence and enthusiasm.

We have a long-term strategy with a participative spirit, involving stable and independent shareholders, which allows Guemas International to concentrate all our resources and actions on the service of our clients.